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Red Lion Christian School



Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Red Lion Christian School is that the school should not take the place of the parent, but that it assists the parent in educating children. We believe the foundation of education is the acknowledgement of God and His plan for each individual life. This plan begins with salvation. We seek to inculcate the values and biblical principles necessary for moral stability; for when these principles are followed, the school environment is conducive to learning. We also seek to maintain a high standard of academic achievement. With this two-fold purpose of instilling biblical principles and encouraging academic achievement, we prepare students not only to make a living, but to live so that life can be fulfilling.


(Ages 3-4)

The preschool program prepares students to be successful in kindergarten and life. Our safe and caring environment allows children to develop spiritually, academically, and socially.


(grades k-6)

RLCS believes that the foundation of education is laid in these crucial years. Our program compels each student to be thoroughly grounded in the necessary fundamentals of each core subject. Beyond the classroom, art, music, physical education, and field trips contribute in completing the student’s elementary experience.


High school
(grades 7-12)

Core subjects consist of Bible, English, Math, Science, History, and Computer. Home economics, music, and art are also offered with several elective opportunities including Industrial Arts, College Prep, and Advanced Placement Courses.


Higher Academic Opportunities

In addition to a regular schedule of academics, our students are offered programs to further their learning and development in particular fields of study.

Vocational electives

  • Mechanical Drafting

  • Basic Electricity

  • Residential Wiring

  • Machine Repair

  • Small Engine Technology

  • Welding and Fabrication

college prep electives

  • Computer Lab

  • Foreign Language

  • Photography

  • Web Design

  • Physics

  • Advanced Chemistry

advanced placement electives

  • AP History

  • AP Psychology

  • AP Biology

  • AP English

  • AP Economics


I’ll always be grateful for my years at Red Lion Christian School. Not only did my time at RLCS prepare me academically for my life beyond high school, but the Biblical foundation I was given shaped my perspective, pointed me to the truth of God’s Word, and helped me focus on the important things in life. After graduating from RLCS, I went on to get degrees in Special Education and Elementary Education. Just as my RLCS teachers invested in me and supported me, I’ve been given the opportunity to invest in and impact the next generation. I currently teach at a public school in Colorado and love working with the students, families and staff God has put in my path.
— Amanda Leverson (Denver, Colorado)
The Christian staff and teachers at RLCS care for the students they serve: from the janitor who slipped me candy from her apron pocket in between classes, to the teacher who took extra time to help me understand what I wasn’t getting, to the coach who encouraged us to do more than we thought we could. The influence of faithful Christians who loved God and loved us impacted my understanding of what it is to serve God as well as serve others.
— Joy Hearn, Registered Nurse and Midwife (Nepal)

RLCS graduates have gone on to…

Bob Jones University

Cedarville University

Dickinson College

Fairhaven Baptist College

George Washington University

Grace College

Harrisburg Area Community College

Lebanon Valley College

Le Tourneau University

Messiah College

Millersville University

Muhlenberg College

Penn State

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Pensacola Bible Institute

Pensacola Christian College

York College

Virginia Tech

Towson University

West Chester University

York Technical Institute